Why You Need A Dedicated Back End Developer

Why Do You Need A Dedicated Backend Developer?


Web development mainly includes 3 types: Front-end development, back-end development, and when combining the two, it is Full-stack development. Think of backend developers as the production team that makes your web page vision come to life. While front-end developers control the visible elements of your website, backend developers are responsible for the creation of the software and other technical aspects that make your website eye-catching and unique. Professional backend developers play a principal role in the development of a website or mobile app.


Why Will You Need a Dedicated Professional Website 

Surveys indicate that a staggering 92% of consumers would rather make purchases from a dedicated professional website rather than from social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram. This makes perfect sense, as the number of Facebook users worldwide is slowly decreasing, more and more businesses are launching their own websites and reaching consumers in new and exciting ways. 


A professional website simply puts complete control in your businesses’ hands. You can customize what your target audience sees, the feelings you hope to provoke, and perhaps most importantly, the message you intend to convey to potential clients and customers. This differs from social media as it does away with limitations such as mundane user interfaces. Is Facebook still using the same boring blue and white interface?


A dedicated website also gives authority to experiment and alter how you present your service to the world. This is vital as consumer trends and preferences are constantly evolving in today’s online market. Take into consideration the vast increase in e-commerce brought on by the pandemic, and it’s more important than ever to have room for trial and error. This makes a professionally developed website arguably as important as the product itself. 


Taking the extra steps and making sure you have a dedicated backend developer can greatly increase the chances of your website gaining traction and succeeding.



Building Your Own Website vs. Hiring Someone Else to do It?

Whether you’re creating a personal website or setting one up for your online business you’ll face the dilemma of opting for a development agency, an individual website developer or simply designing it yourself through services such as Squarespace or WordPress. 


It might be tempting to take the do-it-yourself route. After all, why pay for something when you can do it on your own time?


Well, why pay for an architect when you could just buy a prefabricated house? 


You might find that when it comes to website development, it’s best to leave it up to an experienced team of professionals. 


Sure, a self-made website has its benefits, but don’t be quick to rule out hiring a professional development team with dedicated front and backend developers.


Quite often, using the services of a specialist results in a better, well-thought-out solution that saves time, money, and is truly professional. To become a commercially viable back-end developer takes years of education and years of learning through both successes and failures. 


Development agencies learn about you and your business, and designs custom solutions to solve your problems and achieve your goals. 



A Professional Backend Developer Might Be The Right One For Your Business 

A Professional Backend Developer Might Be The Right One For Your Business If you’ve decided to go with a web design agency you might be confused about what exactly a backend developer does, how it differs from front-end development, and why it’s important for your business or service. 


Imagine the last time you went out for dinner. You open the wood frame door, step inside the foyer, wait to be seated, and then enjoy a jazz-filled dining experience with help from your waiter and other service staff. This is considered the ‘front of the house.’ In web design, front-end development has to do with what the user sees, feels, touches, and hears - just as a restaurant-goer might experience while dining.


Now imagine backend development as what goes on in the kitchen. A restaurant’s ‘back of the house is everything else the customer doesn’t see, from food delivery, prep, cooking, and garnishing, and making sure all steps result in safe and satisfying food for the customer. 


Make the connection yet?


Back-end developers are concerned with the website’s code, digital architecture, server communication, building APIs, and security. As such, dedicated back-end developers focus on the core components and features of programs, and are the mainspring behind the digital experience of the consumer.



What Qualifications for This Role? 

So you’ve chosen to go with a dedicated back-end developer?


Now it’s time to hire one. 


There’s much to consider when hiring a backend developer, and choosing between an in-house or a freelance developer is a vital decision for any individual or organization.


For example, an in-house developer may be suitable for a company that desires face-to-face feedback, prefers employees that are thoroughly integrated into the company culture, need to develop complex applications, or just want someone available during typical workplace hours.


There are a few more expenditures in maintaining an in-house group compared to outside consultants, outsourcing, or a freelancer. Unlike freelance developers, you will have to buy and support both software and hardware with in-house talent, which can be extremely pricey and requires frequent updating. 


Also, in-house developers that are protégés of senior developers are in high demand and if you hire a whole team, you may end up with a group of experts to pay rather than just an individual. 


Freelancers can be hired cheaper, but may not always be readily available or dedicated to long-term projects. 


The decision is ultimately yours. As with all affairs, make certain your goals, expectations, timeline, and costs are clearly communicated at all steps of the development process. 



Other Alternatives 

It’s no mystery that the world is more connected than ever, and the ripple effects of the pandemic have led to a digital flood of online employment and telecommuting. This has given way to new and innovative business endeavors. Companies all over the world are discovering that goals and deadlines can be met digitally without a physical office, and an unexpected side effect is that more organizations are finding out that jobs and projects can also be entirely digitally outsourced. 


Thus, there is another alternative to the problem of hiring in-house vs. freelance, and outsourcing a web development agency or dedicated backend developer could be a practical solution to the above-mentioned dilemma for a myriad of reasons. 


For starters, outsourcing can cut costs dramatically. Hiring agencies from a cheaper labor country such as Vietnam or Indonesia can give you the same quality of work for practically nothing compared to domestic prices. In short, your money goes further, and you’ll have more to spare. 


Outsourcing adds value, and greatly reduced costs mean you get more for less. There are countless extra bells and whistles that can be included in a website or in an app design, and having the peace of mind to include extras at prices that won’t break your budget is an advantage itself. 


While you may opt-out of seemingly superfluous and costly add-ons (think search tools, live chats), there are certain additions that are well worth the costs - especially if the costs are affordable.


Outsourcing also expands the number of experts and professionals to choose from. Think of it as simply casting a wider net. Rather than being limited to developers or freelancers in your geographical region and price range, outsourcing opens talent up from all over the world. Outsourcing allows you to shop around for the team or individual that better understands your goals and products so you can choose someone to work with you, rather than for you. 


While it’s typical to be wary of working with an offshore organization, technology has gone a long way in remedying issues associated with outsourcing work. Management tools help keep both parties updated despite possible time differences, and the recent emergence of mass teleconferencing has made communication easy and much less awkward than before.  


If choosing to offshore a dedicated back-end developer, make sure your point of contact is able to clearly communicate in your native language. For this reason, make certain you extend your communication to phone calls and video conferences, rather than just email. 



The Bottom Line 

If you’re hoping to stray away from another self-designed, cookie-cutter website, opting for a dedicated backend developer will boost your chances of getting your content noticed and spotlit to the world in the increasingly competitive online marketplace. 


Hiring highly experienced professionals will almost always result in quicker solutions to unexpected problems, and also provide a critical outside perspective to your business endeavor. Hiring a dedicated backend developer, whether domestically or outsourced, is a practical solution that can save valuable resources and time, as well as help jumpstart your business and heighten your chances of success. 


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