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Founded in 2017, Xenia is run by entrepreneurs with proven track records at C-level positions in
successful tech startups. Based in Da Nang, Vietnam, with a growing team of over 20 developers, we’re delighted to be your guide from that Eureka moment to the reality of your client's new product.
Will Headshot

Will Macfarlane CEO / Founder

Co-founder of Boobytrapp and formerly COO at Rota, a high-growth London-based startup, Will has over ten years' hospitality and tech experience, working with the likes of onefinestay, The Four Seasons, Itsu and The Capital Hotel before leaving London behind for Vietnam. A wannabe foodie, Will tried his hand as a chef before ultimately realising that no - one trusts a skinny cook.
Stella Headshot

Stella Sevegran COO

Stella is a goal oriented operations maestro with experience at Next and vChain. She relocated her whole family from Sweden in order to join the Xenia team, for her to be a part of our success story and to enjoy the lovely Vietnamese weather and cuisine. Born and raised in Sweden Stella drinks coffee like no one else saying that its the secret to her winning concept of how to shine in business.
Hoang Headshot

Hoang Vo CTO

Hoang boasts 15 years of experience in the IT industry and is a security expert, project manager extrordinaire and pretty good badminton player. Apparently. A master at explaining immensely complexed concepts in Layman's terms, you'll rarely see Hoang in a meeting without a board marker in his hand, ferociously drawing diagrams and stick men.
Dory Headshot

Thuy Hua Operations Executive

Sprightly & confident on the outside but caring & warm-hearted on the inside, Dory is always bringing vast amounts of energy to her surroundings. Graduating from International Studies and having spent a long time working with youth clubs, volunteer groups and non-governmental organisations, she realised she worked best when working with people. This is why you'll find her working in Ops now!
Sao Headshot

Sao Nguyen UX/UI Designer

Winner of the best logo design in Vietnam, Sao has worked with global brands, including Air Asia, designing websites and apps. A true artist, Sao has his own personal logo tattooed onto his arm, embroided on his wallet and even stamped on the back of his bike helmet! Sao loves steak and Arsenal FC.
Thuy Headshot

Thuy Hoang Account Manager

A recent English language grad from Da Nang Foreign Language University, Thuy is not your average Sales rep. Part time model and regular blood donor, Thuy's empathetic approach to the Sales process is a breath of fresh air for Xenia's partners and clients alike.
Bao Headshot

Bao Phan Sales & Marketing Executive

Bao claims he looks like a 30-year-old veteran, but he has the soul of a teenager: energy is his horse and ideas are his weapons. Digital or business warfare, Bao always jumps in with pride. Bao loves working and ensures he looks after our clients with passion, care and empathy.
Quy Headshot

Quy Tran QA / Tester

Hoang N Headshot

Hoang Nguyen Full-Stack Developer

Lam Headshot

Lam Nguyen Full-Stack Developer

Tuan Team Headshot

Tuan 'Tony' Hoang Full-Stack Developer

Tin Headshot

Tin Pham Full-Stack Developer

Dong Headshot

Dong Mai WordPress Developer


We are honest, hard-working, fun, creative, dynamic, flexible and empathetic. That's what makes a Xenian.