Benefits of Outsourcing Web

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Web Development for UK Agencies in 2022

Outsourcing your next web development project is looking more and more enticing for UK agencies in 2022. 

Quickly consider the rising price of inflation and how difficult it currently is to find qualified domestic developers to join your team due to the job market. 

It seems everyone is being affected one way or the other. 

And with the labor shortage not showing signs of rebounding, hiring a domestic team of developers might be one of the last remaining options for some agencies moving into the new year. 

But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

Here are the top reasons why you should consider outsourcing your web development needs in 2022. 

Cost Saving

Outsourcing your web development project will create opportunities to cut costs and increase savings. With the possibility to save up to 80% of development costs, it’s difficult to ignore outsourcing as a viable option to save money. 

It’s estimated that outsourcing tech projects to lesser-known countries such as India or Vietnam can half the price of web and app development projects. 

This drastic reduction in development costs can be explained by the lower cost of living and labor costs than in other corners of the world. 

But don’t think for a second that quality and technological expertise will suffer. 

There exists top-tier talent ready to develop the app of your dreams for a fraction of the cost you’d pay domestically. 

Time Management

There’s no way around it. 

Web development projects are extremely time-consuming. Some web projects may take days, while others can take months or even years to perfect. 

Worst of all, managing a web development project can be stressful due to their time sensitivity and constant need for attention. 

Outsourcing the process can provide your organization with more freedom in managing your business needs. You’ll be able to put focus on other aspects of your business without having to worry about managing your web development project.

Time Management


Better Managed Human Resources 

No matter how many web developers you have in your organization, you can always use more.

A team of highly experienced, remote web developers can multitask on projects to make sure all deadlines are met seemingly around the clock. 

And if you haven’t kept up to date on the quickly changing work environment, allow us to fill you in. 

It turns out workers all around the world actually really enjoy working from home. 

What better opportunity to create an affordable development team than with a fully-qualified outsourced team of professionals that can be managed remotely? 

Don’t get left out! 

Less Bureaucracy 

Many companies spend too much exhausting time managing their web development projects internally. This much wasted time can easily lead to frustration in dealing with internal affairs. 

However, outsourcing provides a quick and easy remedy to this headache. 

When you outsource your project there will be a great reduction in red tape to jump over.

You won't have to worry about managing the project internally, which eliminates major headaches, barriers, and office politics to name a few. 

Rather, outsourcing will open up opportunities for an enhanced workflow that will require less of your time and energy. 

After all, we could all deal with less red tape. 

Expertise and Experience 

Reviewing CVs, interviewing, asking redundant questions. 

Who wants that, anyway?

A core advantage of outsourcing your web needs is you’ll be able to choose from top-quality professionals without having to sift through stack after stack of poorly written resumes from unqualified freelancers. 

Find the talent you’re looking for (without the headache) at a price that fits your budget by looking to countries like the Philippines for your next app or development projects. These professionals are well-equipped with both the knowledge and experience needed to efficiently complete your project to your standards.

Who said expertise had to be so expensive? 

Expertise and Experience

Risk Management 

The labor shortage is affecting countries all around the world, and hiring can be a risky and expensive game with employees demanding higher wages and flexibility. 

That said, outsourcing web development projects can be seen as a type of risk management strategy.


You are taking the financial risk off your shoulders and placing it onto the outsourced agency. 

Bad or inexperienced web developers can quickly ruin a company’s reputation due to bad code or a missed deadline. Hiring offshore does away with this burden. 

By outsourcing, you’ll be exposed to a larger mix of talent with a wide array of portfolios. Choose from the most experienced developers without paying out extra to get the most value for your project. 

The Bottom line.

So why outsource?

In short, you'll save time and money.

A cost reduction of 80% (or even half that) could have major net benefits for a business or startup. 

Outsourcing makes available countless useful resources to properly manage a project. Hiring offshore also streamlines the process with less bureaucracy than traditional methods, and also creates avenues to hire top talent from all around the world. 

That kind of efficiency translates into substantial savings and better business.

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