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Top 6 Reasons for Offshore Web & App Development

A professional looking website and app gives you a great online presence. Whether your business needs a new app or website, it can be a challenge to find talented developers to get the job done quickly. Many companies are turning towards offshore app development companies to save money on their website projects completed quickly. Offshore companies allow you to tap into top-notch global talent at a reasonable price. 

The benefits of hiring offshore web development companies include:


1. Access to Global Talent

Many companies have a developed offshore team that taps into global expertise. Teams can be located anywhere from Vietnam to India. Offshore contractors may have knowledge and expertise about global trends. Global talent can provide you with a different perspective and guidance on how to improve your website to meet a global market rather than simply a local one. They are also available during extended hours to provide support for your project.


2.Offshore App Development Technological Expertise

Hiring an offshore company to develop your website or app will provide you with a complete solution for your project. Web development companies hire teams with many areas of expertise - from Full-stack Developers to Business Analysts, QAs to Pen Testers. Teams can provide you with end to end solutions for your website rather than hiring a freelancer to work on one aspect of your site.

Offshore software engineers are experienced in WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Drupal, Laravel and bespoke solutions that will build your website.They can also assist you with developing your app with knowledge of React Native, Node.JS, React JS, Kotlin, and Swift. 


3.Save Time

Using an offshore web & app development company saves time. Consultants get started on the project immediately. If you choose to hire a new employee or freelancer for the project, the average time it will take to fill that position is 24 days. Training new employees is also time consuming and it can take from 8 to 26 weeks before they are fully productive according to a study by Mellon Financial Corp.

When you use an offshore app development company for your project, you eliminate the time spent reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates. You also don't need to train the employee on the company culture before they even start on your website development project.


4.More Work Flexibility

Flexibility in working hours increases productivity.  According to Ciston PR Newswire, 85% of businesses confirm that productivity increases with greater work flexibility. Since offshore consultants work remotely, they can set their own hours and can be more productive. Your job will get done faster.

Offshore workers also provide companies with more flexibility in when projects can be completed. Many of these employees are working in different time zones. Their countries often don't have the same holidays.This means that you can get those last minute New Years promotions done on Christmas Day without a problem.


5.Reduced Costs with Offshore App Development

According to Small Business Genius, 59% of businesses are now using outsourcing to reduce their expenses. Website development is one of the services that companies outsource because it can be done remotely and many companies don't require a full-time web developer.

The Society for Human Resource Management found that the average cost of hiring a new employee is $4,129. In addition to hiring a new employee, they need to be trained. Between hiring and the training process, getting full-time employees fully productive can take 8 to 26 weeks. This means means the company can lose between 1- 2.5% in revenue while the employees are being trained.

Hiring offshore companies eliminates the hiring and training expenses. Offshore talent is also less expensive than an onshore freelancer or full-time employee due to the reduced living costs in other countries. Offshore web development is often less than 25% of the price of onshore development.


6.No Infrastructure Required

A big expense when it comes to developing an app is buying the equipment and the software needed to build it. Programming laptops generally start around $1,000. App development or website software is also necessary. App development software can run anywhere from $19 to $99 per month.

When you hire an offshore web development company to build your website, they already have the programming computers and software needed for your project. There is no need to buy more equipment.

An offshore web development company also provides you with staff and management for the project as well. Your website development project won't require any additional oversight from you.

Offshore Web Development Office in Danang Vietnam


Selecting an Offshore Web Development Partner

While an offshore web company can greatly benefit your business, not all offshore teams provide the same quality. It is important to be selective when choosing an offshore partner.

You will want to interview the company, and read reviews. View some of the websites they have created. Check out the social media accounts and their own website to view how they created their digital presence.This will give you an idea of what type of quality to expect from their team.

Xenia is an offshore company offering high-quality web development services. Xenia account managers work to bridge cultural gaps for the best possible account management. With Xenia Tech you'll receive the customer service that you expect along with the cost savings of an offshore company.

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