The Cost Analysis of Outsourcing Web Development for UK Agencies Overseas in 2022

The Cost Analysis of Outsourcing Web Development for UK Agencies Overseas in 2022


Outsourcing your next mobile app or web development project is a cost-effective alternative to hiring developers domestically. 


Of course, you’ll be paying less for world-class services. 



But what additional value does hiring offshore provide? What makes this option so affordable? Is hiring overseas a good decision for UK agencies moving into 2022?


In-House vs. Outsourcing Cost Analysis 


If you choose to hire a web development agency in your hometown or country, you’re opting to hire in-house, also known as domestically. And this will undoubtedly cost more. 


But given that you’re buying the same service, what exactly causes the fluctuations in prices across the globe? After all, you pay the same price for an iPhone no matter what country you buy it in, right? 


Cost of Living Has Big Impacts 


Although the pandemic has caused unprecedented disruptions in supply chain lines that have led to rising inflation rates worldwide, the cost of living around the world is generally quite stable and predictable. 


For example, a nice evening out in the town will likely cost you more in London than in Bangkok. A trip to an amusement park will be more affordable in Vietnam than in Australia. 


There are countless reasons for this, but the cost of living in different parts of the world has a tremendous effect on the cost of goods, services, and labor in any given region. 


What does this mean for web development?


This means that you can get superior quality services for much cheaper due to the lower cost of living. 


And because web developments deal entirely with software (as in you won’t receive a tangible product like a phone or computer), you don’t have to worry about receiving sub-quality merchandise. 


So you’re living in a location with a high cost of living, hiring in-house will be on par with local costs. 


For these reasons, outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular and cost-effective as certain areas of the world have a higher cost of living. 


Cost of Living Has Big Impacts

Outsource in Paradise 


Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia. In addition to the exotic culture, people, and amazing food, what places these destinations at the top of everyone’s bucket list? 


They’re cheap, and your money goes further. 


But the savings don’t have to end once you’ve touched down on the tarmac back home. 


This is just one region of the world where offshoring tech services offers serious bang for your buck, and you won’t even have to book a plane ticket (unless you want to). 



In House vs. Offshore Savings


The cost of developing a website in 2021 is around £4300 GBP (6,000 USD). But as the pandemic continues to affect nearly every industry worldwide, it’s safe to assume that prices will go up as we head into 2022. 


Outsourcing has historically cut costs by 30%-60% vs. hiring domestically. Although these percentages will vary slightly in the coming year, outsourcing will remain the obvious choice for those UK agencies looking for optimal value in 2022. 


Why is Outsourcing Web Development Overseas the Best Decision for Your Firm in 2021


The decision to hire in-house or offshore is not to be made lightly. But there are several reasons why acting sooner is better as we continue into the new year. 


A Solution to Your Staffing Problem 


Workers are quitting their jobs at unprecedented rates, and companies around the world are dealing with the fallout. 


So if you’ve been affected by the worker shortage, you might look to offshoring for a quick and effective staffing solution.


Searching for a developer and can’t seem to find talent that’s willing to work within your budget? Or perhaps you can’t find the talent at all?


Outsourcing is a great option for projects of any scale and budget. Additionally finding a reputable agency to help is often easier than most think. 


Great Value


Maintenance and upkeep are an important part of the web design process. However, they are not typically included in the initial price, whether you hire in-house or offshore. 


And because a successful website is constantly evolving, odds are you’ll need to add additional services long after your website launches. 


Work in e-commerce? Maintenance service is pivotal for avoiding website downtime due to unresolved issues. 


This is where you’ll truly feel the value outsourcing provides. 


Long-term maintenance costs add up over time. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you won’t be forced to pay in-house prices when issues arise, and solutions won’t be a financial burden that cut into profits. 


Top Talent


Outsourcing talent gives you the option to choose from top skilled programmers, UX/UI designers, and project creatives all over the globe that can help make your website vision a reality. 


You’ll pay less for a broader range of talent and that is typically more experienced than you might find with newer tech startups. 


Don’t need an entire team, or just need a bit of help for a weekend project? Most agencies will allow you to hire temporarily, either for a single project or in preparation for a larger venture. This is a great option if you’re hesitant about hiring offshore and merely hope to test the waters before committing to a large project. 


Don’t Wait. 


Let’s face it. The events of the past two years have led to much uncertainty. Things are...weird. And because the nature of work has changed entirely, there are sure to be new rules and regulations that might affect remote work and purchasing services overseas. 


Of course, we’re no experts. But it’s better to be safe than sorry and get an upper hand on savings outsourcing provides. 


Why Choose Xenia Tech?


Why Choose Xenia Tech? 

Here at Xenia Tech, we believe problems are best solved without borders. We happily provide our expert services to clients in every corner of the globe with high hopes of making our world a more connected place to be enjoyed by everyone.  


While we understand that hiring offshore can be an intimidating venture, we’re dedicated to making your digital journey as stress-free and efficient as possible. 


We’re more than willing to address any concerns you might have, so don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always up for a chat.


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