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On-Demand Talent Booking Platform

Lead time 24 months

Cost US$75k - $100k

Service Project strategy, UX research, web design (IA, IxD, UX/UI design, prototyping, animation), progressive web app development, content strategy, design production.

Technologies React JS, Node JS, Mongo DB, HTML5/CSS, Wordpress

Location UK

Xenia Tech worked with GigZoo for two years from 2017. Beginning at concept stage, we worked with the founders of GigZoo to forge their ideas, wireframes and designs into reality.

GigZoo is an on-demand progressive web app for the entertainment industry that facilitates an Uber-style model in order to connect entertainers to venues and bookers.

The build included communicating with three third party APIs (Zego, PassBase and MangoPay) and Xenia led all communication on behalf of the client in order to ensure a seamless integration.

“During the build, the scope increased but Xenia were very accommodating and transparent with what was possible and what was not possible. The project was complex and included a lot of integrations which required Xenia to interact with various service providers across the globe. The team are very skilled and everything has been built in-house – they can build anything! Given they have a top design team, it has made our life a lot easier as any changes that were required can quickly be designed and then passed onto the development team to build. 
I visited the team in Vietnam for one week and they were a fantastic group of people: hospitable and welcoming. Their day to day environment is very professional and the team has clear roles and responsibilities. 
After 8 months of hard work, our product was completed and thanks to Xenia – the product was so impressive, we were able to raise a large Fundraising round in the UK from leading investors.”
Anjan Luthra, Co-Founder – GigZoo
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