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Xenia Earns Clutch Award Again

Xenia Tech is One of The Clutch Top Development Companies in Vietnam For 2022


Companies need every edge and advantage they can get to stay relevant and competitive. Development services are quickly emerging as the most potent tool at their disposal to achieve those goals.


Our team has been at the forefront of making this happen for almost five years, and our clients are making their voices heard. Thanks to their feedback, we’ve once again been named one of the top development companies in Vietnam for 2022 by Clutch.

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Clutch is a B2B resource that provides important fact-finding research for the industry. They’re able to accomplish this by using a unique verification process to test the legitimacy of the information sent to them. Those that pass are published on the platform in the form of reviews.

The recipients of this award are the ones that have earned the most high-quality reviews from the clients within a given period. This customer-centric approach is one of the fairest judging systems, especially for the B2B industry.

It’s for this reason that we want to express our appreciation to all our clients who helped elevate us to this level of consistent quality. It’s only through their feedback that we can continuously maintain our standards and even improve on what’s been built before.


“Clutch is respected globally as the definitive review platform for agencies and Xenia is delighted to be recognized with this award that signifies our excellence in providing our partners with quality service.” - Will Macfarlane, Founder of Xenia Tech.

If you want to learn more about our team and how our services can help your business, please visit our website. Feel free to book a call at any time to ask questions, clarify any information, or just discuss how our expertise can apply to your growth.

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